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On the Proper Reading of Books

In high school, and college, by God’s grace and my laziness, I didn’t really have to study. I only took notes if the teacher required we take notes, and even then often didn’t.

As a consequence of my laziness, I didn’t learn how to study, or how to take notes well. Also, since then new tools that can be used for note-taking were developed, that is the smart phone and tablet.

I learned a bit when I got saved and started reading the Bible. Not so much the note taking, but reading for a purpose other than for entertainment or facts. Learning proper hermeneutics, by God’s grace, came shortly thereafter. Very thankful for this one!

What I haven’t learned yet is how to take notes while reading a book. I’m sure I could just start taking notes, but I want my notes to be useful in the future.

So, with that in mind, I ask you, how do you take notes on what you read? In my current situation, I’m reading a book that is a little over 1,000 pages, is likely to be very deep, and I will probably want to be able to recall and locate sections or quotes quickly.

How do you take notes? Suggested methods? Tools? Paste the whole book in to Evernote  and hope their search works well?