My Dream

Since I haven’t posted anything lately, and I’m waiting for my truck to warm up, I thought I would share the dream I had this morning. It is rare that I remember my dreams at all, and even more rare that I post them. Enjoy!

I was in a church, playing an acoustic guitar, along with at least one other person who was leading worship. The worship leader was in front of the congregation, and I for some reason was off to the side of them in a doorway facing toward them.

I don’t remember the first song, but the next song was “Wanted Dead or Alive.” I stopped playing at that point, and saw a little girl sitting with her family tell her mother that this song wasn’t about Jesus. The mother tried to reassure her and said that it was okay, though agreeing with her.

That is when I yelled at the worship leader, “What does this song have to do with Jesus?!” I was ignored. As I looked toward the congregation again it was an empty room. I ran to the pastor’s office, which was in the back of that long room with cubicle style walls making an office for him. I then yelled at him, “What the hell is this?” (Yes, my language could be better in my dream, sorry about that. Though, if this really happened I would probably still say that.)

I don’t remember if the pastor gave me any response, other than looking up at me as I yelled over his cubicle wall.

And that is when I woke up, with my heart beating fast.